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RHNA Housing & Development Feasibility

We assist cities in meeting their housing and development goals by bringing our relationships and experiences together to provide them an analysis of the opportunities and constraints of specific redevelopment locations in relation to the Cities goals and objectives to ensure that all considerations are addressed. We are then able to work as a liaison for Cities to bridge the gap preventing successful fulfillment of their regional housing , redevelopment, budget and community improvement needs.


Issue & Legislative Advocacy

We have worked in government, the private sector, and advocacy organizations.  We understand the issues, the players, and problem solving techniques that move projects and issues along.


Business Development

Piasky Solutions can identify and secure business opportunities for companies that are looking for new clients or new projects within Los Angeles and Ventura Counties by cultivating our high-level connections in government and the real estate, construction, and building industries.

Association Management

We have experience as the CEO of an association covering Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  We have proven results growing revenue and membership, managing large events and meetings, monitoring pertinent legislative activity, and providing expert advocacy services.

Real Estate Sales

We have over 16 years of residential real estate sales experience throughout Southern California including new development projects.  We consistently receive "Top Producer" awards and have a dedicated team of professionals that can be called upon at anytime, be it a financial planner or much needed plumber.  

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