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Time is money!  Piasky Solutions is a one-stop-shop to get quickly CONNECTED & EDUCATED.

  • Get CONNECTED with our pre-vetted team of Recommended Companies who offer a comprehensive suite of services from Government Approvals to Architecture to Civil Engineering to Traffic Engineering and beyond.

  • Get EDUCATED with our Real Estate Bullets Newsletter. We diligently scour expansive sources of real estate information via webinars, speakers, news articles, etc. and condense the relevant details into an easily digestible bullet point format.

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Who We Serve

From Start to Finish

Builders, Developers + Investors

Save time and effort with us. We conduct thorough research, connecting you to our recommended companies for critical services, government approvals, and financing. Stay well-informed effortlessly with our Real Estate Bullets Newsletter, where we condense relevant details for easy digestion.

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Land Owners

We help landowners achieve their financial goals by analyzing property redevelopment scenarios and aligning them with city and developer objectives. Our expertise and relationships ensure that all aspects are considered, bridging the gap between landowners and the successful fulfillment of their needs.


Our CEO, prior to founding Piasky Solutions, served as the CEO for the Building Industry Association of Southern California's Los Angeles and Ventura Chapter, where he led and grew the organization for nearly eight years. During this time, he established a strong reputation and built valuable relationships with developers and high-ranking government officials, making him a trusted advisor in the real estate industry.

Piasky’s private development experience includes serving as Chief Operating Officer for Victory Development. His non-profit and housing background includes roles as Chief Redevelopment Officer for Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County and Deputy Director of Restore Neighborhoods LA.


His government background includes various Civil Engineering positions with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.  

Piasky has an MS degree in Environmental Engineering from Loyola Marymount University and BS degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University.  He also holds a California Real Estate Brokers license.

Tim Piasky, Founder & CEO

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